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Aristotle Design Group

Aristotle Design Staff

Aristotle Design Group is a landscape design and land planning firm with offices in Cleveland and San Francisco.  Our staff includes landscape designers, horticulturists, artists and craftsmen.  ADG offers complete landscape planning, design, detailing and construction management services.  We have completed residential, institutional, and resort projects throughout the United States and internationally.  Our firm typically accepts commissions with a commitment from clients for design through construction management.  Our goal is to create unique and timeless spaces by maintaining quality and appropriateness in design as well as resolute attention to details of construction, material selection and craftsmanship.

‘The greatest contribution a designer can make is to link the human and the natural in such a way as to recall our fundamental place in the scheme of things."  Dan Kiley

The design of the landscape should not be a superficial reordering of natural elements merely to delight the eye. Whether designing a small perennial border or creating a master plan for several thousand acres, design principles remain constant.  

The principles of balance, rhythm, proportion and unity guide our designs and affect the arrangement of objects within a design.  We believe good landscape design enables a human relationship to a sense of space and movement using the honest expression of materials with a consistent focus on sustainability.   

Aristotle Design Group is a full service landscape design firm.  With a combined 80 years of experience in the field, we provide complete site inventory and analysis, design development, detailing and construction management as well as site maintenance programming services.

ADG can work with the client to select and collaborate with architects, engineers, soils scientists, artists and contractors to deliver a superior product.  Our experience is broad based and expert.